What we do

We are developing complete project documentation of water constructions. Another large part of our work is development of water-related spatial planning and operational documentations of water constructions.

We project water constructions, such as water conduits, sewerage, water and wastewater treatment plants, pools, pumping stations etc.

About us

Design company IKKO Hradec Králové s.r.o. was founded in December of 1990 and since the beginning is engaged in project activities in capital construction.

Since its establishment, our company has grown and consists of stable working team of collaboratoring experts. The owner and leading engineer Bohuslav Kouba is an authorized person for projection of water constructions.

Contact us

Email: ikko (a) ikko.cz

Telephone: ++ 495 217 150

Don’t miss out: In May 2014 we have moved to Bratří Štefanů in Hradec Králové:


IKKO Hradec Králové, s.r.o.
Bratří Štefanů 238/55
500 03 Hradec Králové
Czech Republic