We offer processing of complete project documentation of waterworks including:


  • Design of waterworks
  • Water-related spatial planning
  • Operational documentation




Our major focus is on design of waterworks, especially: projection_of_waterworks_small

  • water supply systems
  • sewerage
  • water treatment plants
  • pools
  • wastewater treatment plants
  • pumping stations
  • small water tanks and their revitalization
  • small watercourse regulation
  • study of runoff conditions
  • internal water distribution
  • internal sewerage

An important part of our work consists of water management planning:water_related_spatial_planning

  • territorial studies
  • territorial prognoses
  • territorial plans of towns

According to the wishes of investors, operational documentation can be made:


  • passports of existing pipelines, expecially water supply and sewerage systems including geodetic survey
  • determination of actual conditions of the waterworks
  • operational rules of water supply and sewerage
  • another documents, required by the law 274/2001 Sb. about water supply and sewerage